One of the best techniques you will ever need in your kitchen while making a recipe is your heart. As in everything in life give it some love and the results will amaze you.

Greek cuisine is my favorite not only because I am Greek but because I truly believe Mediterranean food is the healthiest yet most delicious food in the world. The variety of the products used can work miracles in simple steps.

Today we shall see the famous zucchini balls.


2 large grated onions

Fresh mint

Salt and pepper to taste

Feta cheese 100 grams

4 large grated zucchinis


1 large egg

Sunflower oil


Mix all ingredients in a large bowl being careful to take out any excessive water from the zucchinis and then put some flour in slowly until you feel you can form balls of the mixture without sticking in your hands. Preheat oil in a pan and set them one by one turning them round after they go golden and crispy.

Good luck and enjoy!

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